I have included two digital services on the webstore, one is for graphics for tees or apparel, and the other is for photoshoot/lookbook photography. Im making these two services available after the emails I have been getting these last months from people asking if I would be willing to work with other brands/projects. Now the answer is yes. Feel free to email me if you need to build a bigger project or a different concept for your brand, or just "hire me" by buying the digital service on the store. Limited availability. 


And about my hat life, thanks for the massive support these last weeks. We are clearing the warehouse and even ran out of shipping goodies. Today I'm getting 50 new boxes to ship most of the outstanding orders as I ran out of all the boxes I had around. And if you want to use code "60off" for 60% off on the webstore for hats and accessories, just do it.

A new chapter begins 31st october, and Im steadily working on a new project I will not talk too much about. To those asking, the future will be split between my freelance career and the new small project/brand Im working on. The reason why Im rerouting my life is because I want to get hands on with different projects and work more in photography and graphics, my creative itch is there and doesn't stop.

Thanks for the support.



September 28th // update:

In 30 days Im closing the SKULLS HQ and office in Los Angeles. Skulls will be put to rest on October 31st. Its been an amazing adventure, an amazing ride filled with crazy prints, thousand of hats and weird fabrics.

I started this in December 2011 to make high quality hats I couldn't find anywhere. This adventure took me from Barcelona to New York City, to Los Angeles. I have sold worldwide thousands of "ugly" hats. I have met many friends worldwide. I started a new life in Los Angeles. Design is my work and my life. I can easily wear a different hat everyday for a full year or more. I have designed hundreds and hundreds of hats and tees. I have used reflective fabric, Ralph Lauren fabric, real peruvian fabric, done collabos with Sneaker Freaker magazine, Reed Space NY...  And I have done all that by myself. 

But its time to move on.

A new adventure awaits. 

Feel free to get the stock left at a 50% discount using the code "friday50". Will make sure you get some extra goodies with your order.

Ivan Jimenez


Bringing the best of the DIY attitute with high quality products Made in USA, limited production and the best attitute possible.

SKULLS is the real deal since 2010. Raw and unfiltered. Straight from the brand to you, the customer. No stores. No middle men.

A one man dream to create the best products possible turned reality.

100% independent brand. Support the rebels.


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